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Application Process

An Application is needed for each adult applicant over the age of 18.  Each applicant must qualify on the basis of income, credit history, and prior rental history.

1. Submit Application Packet and Co-Signer Form (if applicable)

  • Ensure rental history has landlord’s name and phone #.

  • Include a copy of your last 2 most recent pay stubs.

  • Do not forget to sign the application so we may perform a credit check and call references.

2. Application Fee  

  • A $10.00 credit check fee is required of all submitted applicants.

3. Management will begin verification. 

  • Applicants are typically notified within 1-3 days once credit and references are checked.

Qualifications for Rental Housing

1. Established Good Credit

  • 3 Forms of Credit in good standing open 2 years or more.

  • A co-signer is required if your credit score is less than 650. 


2. Established Good Rental History:

  • Rental history must not have any violations of their Lease Agreement within the last 3 years.

3. Verifiable Income:

  • Tenant’s net monthly income must be at least 3 times the rent.

  • If you do not have established credit, you must have a guarantor with established credit and income that meets or exceeds the same criteria.

Required Forms
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